Early Career - Shon grew up in Kentucky in a very musical family and began his love for music and performing at a 5 year old, singing and playing his mother's old Silvertone guitar. He traveled with the family band at age 16, as well as taught music at the local music store. He left his home in Appalachia to study jazz performance at Morehead State University and  later transferred to Musician's Institute.

Worship Pastor - Over 30 years ago, in 1992, Shon stepped into his first music ministry position as a missionary in Guatemala. Leading others in worshipping God is a huge part of who he is and what makes his heart beat. He has been in full-time ministry ever since. He presently serves as worship pastor and Kirkwood Church in Bradenton Florida.

Live Musician / Performer / Songwriter - He began touring with different bands at the age of 16 and has played in most every state in the US and various cities in Mexico and Central America, playing various styles and instruments (Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Latin Percussion, Mandolin, and Banjo. Working in both Christian and secular music. He as worked with over 50 bands and artist. In addition to his leading worship at Kirkwood Church, He also plays in various live venues (Resorts, weddings, festivals, and restaurants) as a one man band, as part of a duo, and part of a band, predominant performing in the areas of Sarasota Florida to St. Petersburg Florida. He has written and has been involved in writing many songs.

Music Instructor - He started teaching music classes in 1987 and has taught over 1000 students to date, in which several have gone on to be professional musicians as well, a few super who are very successful. He teaches now online. Focusing on Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Music Production, and Songwriting.

Music Producer / Studio Musician - Shon has produced and participated in over 100 music albums / projects. 2 of which were Gold records. He is presently working with various artist and producers from his studio in Bradenton Florida.