Shon worked with my son for several years as his guitar teacher, as well as coaching him on song writing and vocal training throughout high school. He also helped him take some of his original songs and record them in his studio — talk about going above and beyond! I couldn't speak more highly of Shon. His knowledge of all styles of music, his teaching ability, and heart for his students truly make him one of a kind!

Michele B (Guitar/Voice/Songwriting) – Lone Tree CO


Shon Morgan is one of the finest music teachers in North America. SHON is well versed to teach every instrument - however for bass, SHON is considered a bass guru!” 

Vic L (Musician) – Edmonton Alberta Canada


Shon is an incredibly talented musician and teacher. His instruction will bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to expand and expound on your talent. I highly recommend Shon if you want to take your musicianship to the next level!

Shauna C (Musical Artist) – Denver CO


Shon is a gifted multi-instrumentalist. Who has jammed Bruce Springsteen, Earnie Isley, Katy Perry, and many other artists. That combined with countless hours of studio recordings in L.A. Studios as a bassist, and countless other studios around the country. Shon is the consummate professional. Not only does he bring years of real world experience to everything he does, but he is also personable and great to work with on a project or a live performance. He's studied with Abraham Laborel, John Pattucci, and Victor Wooten. He is a close friend and I am consistently inspired when I get to play music with my brother. You won't be disappointed. An investment worthwhile.”

Kirk M (Pro Musician) – Shawnee Mission KS


Shon is one of those rare talents, who is able to patiently distill difficult, complex concepts into easy-to-grasp, digestible portions that clarify them to crystal clarity almost instantly in a student's mind. A true "musician's musician," any student at any level will find great benefit from Shon's instruction, be it in guitar/bass (and other plucked instruments), piano/keyboards, drums, theory and composition or arranging. A great instructor, a consummate musician and an overall great guy! I could not recommend Shon Morgan more highly, or I would!!!

Fredrick F (Pro Musician) – Cherry Creek CO


Shon Morgan is absolutely the greatest most talented musician and music teacher I have ever had the privilege of learning from and playing music with. I am a drummer/guitarist/vocalist. We did some touring gigs together in our earlier years and he was already amazing back then. He sat down and taught me the circle of fifths off the top of his head in one conversation. I learned so much just playing along side him. So not only is he an amazing player, but he is also very well suited and experienced as a teacher. He is the most knowledgeable musically but patient and kind personally. He plays and teaches multiple instruments and vocals really well but he stands out tremendously on bass guitar! You can not go wrong having Shon Morgan as your teacher, period!

Jesse S (Pro Musician) – Nashville TN


I've known Shon for many years and I'll first say he's a man of great character and an awesome guy just to be around. His mastery of the bass guitar is second to none. I've had the great fortune of learning from him on and off throughout the years and his instruction, knowledge of music and the instrument has always benefited me as the learner and helped take my bass playing to new levels. He has everyone from the beginners to the most experienced players covered. Give him a'll benefit for sure!!

Jeff N (Pro Musician) – Austin TX


Well, I can say that when we met over 20 years ago, I've never seen anyone playing the bass guitar as good as he did, I still remember him playing that beautiful six string bass guitar along with a drummer... I was just trying to catch up with those two ... it was just rehearsal and they didn't need a me as keyboard player , just the slap bass solo was enough for me to step down and watch, I learned a lot just by listening to him. He was a very patient teacher and his musical knowledge was amazing.

Rolando M (Piano/Keyboard) – Quetzaltenango Guatemala


Shon is very accommodating to helping you learn at your own pace. He is very patient, encouraging, and insightful. Shon is very relaxed which helps me feel comfortable and not feel pressured. He gives reassurance all the time that the "growing pains" of learning guitar are normal things everyone fights through. I would highly recommend him.”

Adam T (Guitar) – Liberty Township OH


I wish I would have started with Shon along time ago. I am fairly new, and he is very good at being patient with me but still allowing me to progress quickly. Lessons are packed with content, and I leave with "homework "to work on so by the time the next lesson comes around I have learned a tremendous amount. Two thumbs up!!

Shawn W (Guitar) – Monroe OH


Shon, know's his stuff. Within mins of my lesson he was able to identify a bad habit in my playing style, and immediately showed me how to correct it. He also working with on scales. Mind blown, my work out session has gotten so much better after just the first session.”

Marrell (Bass Guitar) – Oklahoma City OK


Shon was definitely a Godsend...referred to me by another musician his presence immediately impacted my work. I am a gospel recording artist, C Ennis Sr (ITune Spotify Emusic and more). Shon's professionalism, attention to detail and love for music is a game changer! Don't Wait Book Him Today!

C Ennis Sr (Musical Artist) – Aurora CO


I took Mr. Morgan's choir class back in 2009 which taught music theory, vocal training, and ear training and always had a great experience. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable in his field. He is too modest to describe the full depth of his portfolio. Very patient and professional. Highly recommended.”

Samuel F – (High School Student) – Littleton CO


I took lessons from Shon close to 20 years ago. I was a terrible guitarist, and an even worse student. :D That said, the fundamentals I took away from those instructions greatly my playing even today. He has a fantastic mind for music, and as all truly great teachers, he takes great joy in sharing his knowledge with others. Much love bro! :D P.S. The cirlce of 5ths, Shon. I finally understand the circle of 5ths.

Beau S (Guitar) – Hazard KY


Shon is an expert at all aspects of teaching music on multiple instruments but is especially gifted at teaching music theory that helped me learn to play by numbers which helped me change keys on the fly. No more writing out the chords for praise and worship music. So knowledgeable. You need to stop think about it and call him up and schedule your first lesson. Shon rocks!!

Ken U (Piano/Drums) – Tuscaloosa AL


Shon is an extremely talented musician. As a teacher Shon does a great job of keeping you motivated , giving positive feedback and challenging you to get better. I would recommend Shon if you are looking for a music instructor.

Bob H (Drums) – Mason OH


Shon has a way to make the guitar very easy to understand, and his enthusiasm for music and teaching others how to play makes it even more fun to practice because I can't wait to learn the next new step.

Jeff M (Guitar) – Hamilton OH


Working with Shon taught me a lot! Great attitude and awesome personality really helps when you struggle with a part of a song, and that's Shon's way of working! Straight forward gracious and loving in his teaching methods! I appreciate all he did for me in our season together.

Greg D (Drums) – Denver CO



Shon is very knowledgeable, he is patient and not overbearing he is not only a good teacher but a good friend, I feel he would be an excellent teacher for young minds as well.

Tom N (Guitar/Banjo) – Aurora CO


Fantastic all around. Deep knowledge and excellent teaching skills. He is also a truly kind and caring person too. He made it easy for me to understand concepts that were always lost on me in the past. It was the best money I have ever spent to get my skills and knowledge where I need them to be. I highly recommend Shon as both a theory and instrument (guitar/piano) instructor. Definitely the best option if you want to take you or your child's playing to the next level.

Andrew (Guitar/Piano) – Denver CO 


I received the best possible instruction! Not only do you learn basics of vocal training. You gain the Music Theory along with it. Shon is professional, personable and fantastic to work with on any musical level. Be it vocal or instrumental.

Patti (Voice) – Denver CO


Shon amazed me with his ability to understand not only music and how it works, and though he prefers the Bass Guitar, he could play things that boggled my mind at the onset. I highly recommend him for any type of music lessons. I most likely be personally recommending him to my friends who are involved in music as well. No matter how accomplished we are there is still more to learn, I don't know of anyone I would rather learn it from than Shon.

Forrest C (Guitar) – Broken Arrow OK


Shon is a very talented and down to earth guy. His approach to music is different than just simply reading. He lets you use your ears also and tries to train your ears. He is also very patient. I would highly recommend him to any beginners wanting to learn no matter what age and seasoned musicians wanting to take their playing to the next level.

Jason (Drums) – Alexandria KY


I have known and worked with Shon Morgan for some time and I can 100% recommend him for lessons - whether bass, drums, music theory, whatever. Shon has the educational AND professional background to take any musician to the next level - even if you have your degree and have been playing for years. And of course he is ideal for beginners and intermediates with a patient and systematic approach. Give him a try, you won't regret it.

Scott H (Bassist) Tucson AZ


Shon is very personable and brings to the table a wide range of experience and versatility. Especially if you have more than one interest he is particularly effective because he can teach voice as well as singing and musical instrumentation.”

Everett M (Voice & AV Production) – Liberty Township OH


Great personality, easy to work with, a most pleasant experience. Absolutely outstanding teacher and musician!!!!

Vernon S (Voice) – Mason OH


As an adult student, Shon caters to my learning style and adjusts accordingly. Lessons are relaxing. I have the freedom to go as fast as I am able.”

David (Guitar) – Liberty Township OH


Shon is an amazing musician , teacher and highly ethical and trusting person.

Alice J (Co-Worker) – Denver CO